How to setup Forge for 1.7+

With 1.7, forge is now done a little differently.

Two Options

Easy Way

1. Login into the server panel and turn off your server.

2. Click Files, then Setup. 

3. Find the forge version you want, click apply. Do not set to run on every startup, it only needs to run once.

4. When you start the server it will copy over the new forge files to your FTP and change your jar name field to the forge jar.

Manual Way

1. Download the installer jar you wish to use.
Forge Installer:

2. Run the installer on your desktop. Select server, then change the file path to your desktop. It will the place a forge file, minecraft_server file and a libraries folder.

3. Login into the FTP (Filezilla).

4. Drag those 2 files and 1 folder into your server root.

5. Now manually change the server jar field on the panel to be the same name as your forge jar. 
For example: forge-1.7.10-

Enjoy your 1.7+ forge jar. Now you can place mods into your mods folder via the ftp.

Note: You may need to change the world name field before you start the server if you previously had a vanilla world and are moving to a modded one. Changing the world name field just generates a new world folder with the name.

If you need any help, please use our support page from the main menu to contact us.

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