Welcome to Hivehosted! We would like to thank you for your order and would like to assist all we can with your server needs. Here is a quick guide to get you started.

1. Where do I get my server login info?

  • Your server panel details were emailed to you in the email "New Account Information". Sometimes though email filters like to grab it as spam/junk, so I would check those folders too. If your order was for Minecraft or VPS, your server was setup automatically. You can view your email history here.

2. Great! Now I need some help.

  • You can view our knowledgebase of guides if you'd like to try getting things working yourself.
  • To get help from us, you can contact us via the support main menu button. This will let you submit a ticket. We can help setup anything; this includes questions, mod packs, plugins....well everything!

You should be good to go now to getting started. Just remember if you have any questions not answered in our knowledgebase or our FAQ you can just use that great support button.

Thank you for choosing us for your server needs.

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