How to use FTP

Why do I need to use FTP?

This provides you the ability to upload your own worlds, plugins, mods (IC2 Addons and more) and download backups. We highly advise all clients to try to use filezilla over the website version if possible.


Step 1. Download/Install FileZilla here:

Step 2. Go to files on your multicraft panel.


Step 3: Then select FTP File Access.


Step 3.5: You will now see Host, FTP Username, Multicraft Password.

Step 4: Open Filezilla and navigate to the top bar.


Step 5: Type in your host, username and password. The password is your login password for multicraft. Make sure you use the right username, it will contain numbers at the end of it like the one listed. Your FTP username isn't exactly the same as your panel.

Step 6: Now you are ready to begin uploading/downloading files to and from your server!


To install plugins.

To install mods.

To install custom jars or use some of the built in ones.


If you need any help, please use our support page from the main menu to contact us.

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