How to fix lag

You've started to notice lag on your server and want to figure out how to fix it. I'm going to give you a few methods to attempt to fix them.

1. First you need to figure out what type of lag you are having. There are many different types.
- FPS Lag -
This can normally happen with a bogged down computer or things in the world like overflow that cause insane amounts of entities. To check if it's FPS lag, try hitting F3 and check if your FPS is above 20 while walking around. If it drops below 20, then you can test in single player to see if it's server caused. If it still is having issues, then it's your computer or just the mods you are using. You can control+alt+delete to check on your CPU and ram usage. If they seem fine, I would try restarting your client. Beyond that it's just a matter of trial and error on what mod is causing it. 
If it's from server side lag like entities, then you can use tools like worldedit '/remove items'. Mobs from mass breeding are normally a high cause of this issue.
- Network Lag -
This is normally caused by one of the 3 points. Your end, the data centers end or the routing your connection goes to get to the server. If it's on your end, you can try running a speedtest. If it's low, then you will want to contact your ISP.
If it's on the data centers end, then you should notice a twitter update since it will effect others and we will notice. We don't have too much control over this beyond contacting them to notify them of it and they normally fix it within 5-10 minutes.
If it's in the routing, then there isn't really much you can do but wait. Somewhere in the path, things are getting borked. You can try running a traceroute. Then you can just send that to us if you notice anything where the MS spikes at a part in the connection.
You disconnecting from the server when trying to connect when using a lot of mods could mean that your client isn't happy with how fast you are getting the data and it's taking a dump. There isn't much you can do but try to delete your player file so that you don't login in a very populated area of the map.
- Server Lag - 
This is the big nasty beast that everyone screams 'player - LAG!!!' in chat randomly. Nothing is more frustrating as a server admin than to see that spammed in your chat. I've found setting up a banned word system for that word to something like puppies to be much more enjoyable. :)
I'd highly recommend before going any further to install one of these tools.
Do note that essentials also has /gc built into it, that will give a readout.
If using Forge -
orge has it's own /tps command built in. Opis is a more advanced method.
You can use these tools to find the TPS of your server. The TPS means Ticks Per Second. This is the speed of the server. 20 TPS = single player speed, nothing can be done. Anything above 12 TPS is playable but once you drop below that, something bad is going on, even being around 14 can mean something can be fixed. Anything below 10 means your server is unplayable. This means that the server is having a stressful time keeping up and it can be caused by different things.
- Memory leaks
These can normally be fixed by setting up automatic restarts.
If this doesn't fix it, you can try removing any new mods or plugins you've added. Some authors can code things improperly and there is only so much you can do. The last step is by upgrading your server to the next tier. You can submit a ticket for performing this.
- Overflow
This is normally from too many mobs or blocks on the ground or stuck in pipes. You will want to use the above mentioned method to remove items. A /butcher command can also be very helpful in removing mobs.
- Modded
Many people are mistaken that the amount of people instantly means the lag will increase on a server. That isn't exactly true. The quote of 'I'm having lag and there is only 2 people online, something is wrong with your servers.' is an example of this. When you use mods, you have to remember that each modded block that isn't decorative is running a calculation or some code on how it should function. When you have 5000 solar panels from IC2, then each one of those blocks has to check if there is light, then it has to check for the cables and send out the proper amount of power. Then the rest of the setup has to also operate so it can function. So as you can hopefully see, things on their own isn't really a problem but when you add them all together, it can really put a load on a server that Minecraft wasn't designed for. You can normally fix this by limiting the excess amounts of items/blocks you use or by upgrading your servers ram. Do note that upgrading the ram won't always fix your issue as Minecraft itself has a limit on how far it can be pushed. The biggest guilty members to lag are large automations, automatic miners and chunk loaders.
- Too many plugins or mods.
This is just a matter of trying to run 50 instances of Minecraft at once on your computer and wondering why your computer is straining. This then can be fixed by either removing excess plugins/mods or just upgrading your computer to handle it. Same goes for the server, by upgrading to a higher tier.
Hopefully this was helpful in helping you understand the different parts of lag and the normal steps to fix it. If you need help, you are more than welcome to request help from our support staff.

If you need any help, please use our support page from the main menu to contact us.
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